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Our Services - Live & On-Site Solutions


 Your audio needs could be as simple as a single speaking mic or as complex as a national touring band. Either way, EE is fully capable to communicate your message and fully engage your audience with the right audio production solution - appropriate for the venue, size of audience, number of performers or presenters, and any other demonstration materials to consider.


There is no better way to communicate your message than by showing. From a single screen for a computer presentation to a multi-camera live shoot, EE can sufficiently grab your audience's attention by stimulating their visual sense. Just like the audio component, EE fully designs and implements the right video solution to achieve this goal.


The proper lighting system can easily add a touch of pizzazz or spark, dramatically increasing the emotional impact. Make a lasting impression of your presentation or event with EE's full lighting capabilities.


If a musical performance is part of your event - full of specific gear and instrument needs, allow EE to provide and tech all of your backline requirements. From guitar amps, bass rigs, keyboards, drum sets, percussion and accessories, EE's inventory can meet the demanded obligations - from national touring acts to that "special sound" for a recording project.


Personnel ranging from front of house and monitor engineers, cameramen and directors, lighting directors, stage hands, riggers, backline techs - EE has the expert resources available.


A critical element in any successful production, EE provides power generation and distribution wherever necessary. A range of indoor and outdoor options, EE ensures non-disruptive power regardless of what elements may be present. 


Often overlooked, yet very significant and many times customized, EE's staging and decking, drum risers, and truss systems can be outfitted for the appropriate situation. Some assembly required - also managed and provided by EE.


Sometimes a temporary solution needs to integrate and coincide with a permanent installation. Our capabilities and experience lend itself to tailoring the design and integration of production oriented installations that are best suited for the exact needs. 


If your event or presentation involves hosting a touring ensemble or a notable guest speaker, certain technical and logistical accommodations will be essential. When a rider calls for a specific and unique technical or musical need, put that burden on EE.

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