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Our Services - Hybrid & Virtual Solutions


Broadcasting audio in the current Covid Era can now require juggling a live mix, a streaming mix, a recording mix, mix-minus feeds, FM transmission and RF coordination, in-ear talkback mixes and more. Let EE slice and dice all of those potential demands to clearly and cohesively articulate your message through all platforms. 


Today's events are almost required to have a remote streaming option available - either live or pre-recorded. EE will ensure your visual will translate across the web via:


  • HD Cameras

  • Video Switchers

  • Streaming Computers & Interfaces

  • Screens, Projectors & Televisions

  • Presentation Confidence Monitors  



Perhaps now more important than ever, ample amount of space and presentation equipment can help achieve a safe and effective Covid event - whether in person or virtually. To this point, EE can help supply:

  • Staging & Risers

  • Podiums

  • Pipe & Drape

  • Plexiglass Shields


With the facilities to accommodate two staging locations, sizes, and a multitude of hospitable accommodations - all within a central warehouse location near downtown Cincinnati, EE can safely host your next virtual event accompanied by our inventory and staff. Such appropriate uses include:

  • Fundraisers & Auctions

  • Corporate Meetings

  • Press Conferences

  • Panel Discussions

  • Theater Performances

  • Educational Seminars

  • Music Videos & Performances


​​In our everyday business, the EE team is following many required and independently pro-active measures to ensure that the health and safety for its clientele, staff, and other partners remains paramount. These measures, being performed at EE's headquarters, while in transit, and out in the field, include:

  • Mask wearing both indoors and outdoors when around others 

  • Maintaining six feet of social distancing at all times when possible

  • Drivers only in all vehicles

  • "Teaming up" with consistent crew members when multiple people are needed for any tasks in order to help minimize exposure between a single person and the entire crew

  • Maintaining a well stock supply of masks, hand sanitizer, rubber gloves, and alcoholic wipes at all times while in the field

  • Sanitizing any and all items both on-site and following a rental that are handled by multiple people with their hands or in close proximity to their mouths

  • Sanitizing any internal vehicle components that may have been touched following its use

  • Rescheduling crew and staff if anyone is aware of potential exposure

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